Street Psych: Prague

The course price is $1,200. 

Limited to six participants, with a minimum of three.

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Prague is one of the most popular European destinations for very good reasons. Over 1,100 years old, Prague has a very complex history. It's been the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and suffered under 41 years of communism. A center for music, art, and literature, it was fitting that playwright and human rights activist Václav Havel was elected President of Czechosolvakia. With its mazes of cobblestoned streets winding between gorgeous medieval buildings, leading to hidden courtyards and grand vistas, it also makes sense that Prague was the home of Kafka. 

These days, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic (following its separation from Slovakia). It's a booming, bustling city, and Prague's architecture rivals Paris for beauty. Prague exceeds Paris with its friendly population and relatively low prices. Prague is a city full of great subjects, making it a top spot for photography.

Street Psych | Prague is an intensive, three-day course. Your instructors are professional photographer James Conley, and licensed psychologist Ramesh Bakhtiari. We developed the Street Psych series because we believe it's not enough to make great pictures—it's better to understand why they're great, so we can consistently make more!

The Street Psych series of courses are based upon well-established theories of learning, drawing upon the works of Jean Piaget, M. S. Knowels, and Carl Rogers, among others, which emphasize practical experience combined with conceptual reinforcement. We have designed the courses to provide the fastest and most enduring outcomes, that are meaningful to you based on your goals and experience. Specifically, the course is designed to break down and expose the underlying processes of creative thought, as well as exploring how audiences view works or art. We take those understandings further, and explore the ways in which you can heighten your creativity though awareness of states of mind, social psychology and proxemics, the visual-perceptual process of gestalt and aesthetics, recognition of humanist archetypes, and embedded cognition (e.g., an approach to working which allows your mind rapidly to observe patterns and respond to your surreal ideas). 

Although it seems like a lot to cover, you will quickly discover that many of these skills and abilities have simply been latent. We will help you bring them to the surface so that you can take control of them and maximize their potential. 

We will base ourselves in the Castle District within walking distance to Lesser Town as well as Old Town. The medieval streets, multiple bridges, and beautiful hidden gardens of Prague will provide the background for lectures and camera work. Concentrating on fundamental principles of art and psychology, we will raise your visual storytelling to a new level, providing you with tools and insight which will give you new paths to pursue as an artist. 

Among other things, we will cover: habits of an artist, methods of storytelling, surrealism, proxemics, and translating the technical aspects of camera and lens into visual emotion. The course work will culminate in a group magazine telling our collective story of Prague.

The course price is $1,200.