Issue 2

— Fashion —

Lock and Roll

Words: J. Conley | Images: J. Conley

Models: Grazia DeVita | Sydney Strickler | Misteke Harton

When it comes to motorbikes and fashion, there are only three things for certain: leather jackets, boots, and lots of wind. For guys, managing hair is solved by cutting it short. For gals, there are more options, as illustrated by Grazia, Sydney, and Misteke.

Misteke rocks a three-quarter helmet. Jacket and helmet: courtesy of Quaker City Motor Works.

Helmets are mandatory in many states for motorbikes above a certain engine size. To be sure, a helmet will protect your noggin in the event of a crash. Planning for the worst, though, doesn’t provide a lot of motivation for putting a helmet on. So here’s a list of three positive reasons to wear a helmet:

  1. Keeps your hair in place. Even if you’re just zipping along about town, 30 mph of wind through your locks is going to make a mess. With a bit of made-in-America pomade from Imperial, your styled hair will come out of a helmet quite manageable, in all its cafe racer glory.
  2. It’s easier to hear. Above 25 mph, wind is about all you can hear. You can’t hear funny engine noises, and you can’t hear your passenger. A helmet cuts down on wind noise, allowing a variety of important aural input—including conversations.
  3. Makes you look Euro-cool. Europe started the cafe racer lifestyle, and bikers in Europe have been wearing helmets since forever. There are variety of helmet styles to match the design of the bike and riding a British or Italian bike is incomplete without the lid.

But having your hair blow in the wind is one of the charms of two-wheeled travel. Keeping hair under control just takes a little thought. Grazia shows two options. Totally loose:

Or back with a bandana:

Sydney is also a fan of the bandana, using it in a few different ways. First, she rocks it like Rosie the Riveter: 

Next, she does a more traditional style:

And finally the "full coverage" approach:

Sydney also solves the biker hair problem with the tried and true pigtail braid:

So the next time you're ready to ride, don't forget to lock the locks before you roll. 

Sydney's vintage motorcycle jacket courtesy of Quaker City Motor Works.

Sydney's goggles by Bobster.