The conversation starts with the discussion of Japanese street food. Specifically, using a hard-boiled egg directly on a particular sandwich instead of doing a side of egg salad. Which seamlessly segues into the challenges presented by the overuse of hyphenated terms in technical writing. And then the quality of a snare drum.

A typical day with Monica is never typical. Bilingual, with a PhD in English, her interests cover the endeavors of humanity. Sensual and intellectual, a dreamer and grounded, she’s a woman who gets things done while she loses track of time. 

The diversity that is Monica can be intimidating—there’s so much to take in. But there’s a common thread to it all: value. Nothing in her life is frivolous. Everything has its place and function. To support an idea, she can locate a single book from the hundreds on her shelves. Just as quickly she will lay her hands on a “whizzle” stick, because it's the only way to mix a particular cocktail. She has a pair of Timberland boots from when she was 14 because they’re the right shoe. And she picks her lingerie with the same care. 

This is a real woman. A Madalynne woman. Find out more here.