In addition to the Street Psych Workshops, we also offer a single-student course that can be done at your own pace. This is a great solution if you don't have time to travel for one of the workshops, or if you have a specific project or area of interest which you want to deeply explore. 

1:1 On your own schedule

The best way to learn is to learn directly. Group courses have their place, but nothing beats being the only student for individualized and accelerated learning. That's why we offer the 1:1 course.

The 1:1 course is designed to accelerate your creativity and remove the impediments holding you back by addressing your specific interests and issues. Through the process of exploring your unique creative path, you will learn to:

  • apply the fundamental concepts of design which have developed from the mathematical understanding of geometry, through painting and sculpture, to make your images both insightful and classic

  • the proper relationship between you as an artist and your viewers

  • how the artist's mind perceives the world, and how the spectator's mind perceives art

  • key features of human behavior that will allow you to not only see, but time decisive moments

  • the ethics of being a photographer

  • And most importantly, you will learn the concepts of automatism and how tapping into the creativity already in you will make you the best photographer you can be.

The 1:1 course is tailored to your needs. Guided discussion will help you develop your goals for the course. Drawing on James' years as a professional photographer, you will receive assistance regardless of what mode of photography you want to work on: digital or film, web presentation or darkroom printing, studio or street. James will spend time reviewing and critiquing your portfolio, but from the perspective of your vision and artistic goals—not based upon some arbitrary technical standards. 

This course is designed to take place on your schedule, and should take a total of approximately 40 hours. 

In addition to working with James directly, you will also get the insights and participation of Dr. Ramesh Bakhtiari. A psychologist in private practice, Ramesh teaches graduate courses in the Education Department at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.  She has a degree in Art History, and assists in writing and reviewing the articles provided on the Blog and the sessions at our MeetUps

This course can be tailored as an in-person course if you are in the Philadelphia area, or as a remote course using email, and Skype or FaceTime.

1:1 Course
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