Fashion photoshoots reimagined. 

The process is simple:

1) Provide us with the clothes or accessories you’d like to feature. 

2) We will photograph your designs and products along with other designer items. 

3) We will share with you the images we create, and you can select which ones you’d like to license for use!


What’s the problem?

In this era of internet-ever-connectedness, images are more powerful than ever, and more necessary than ever. From websites to the scrolling homepage of Instagram, brands are under constant pressure to provide new images. But the necessary aspects of hiring a photographer and models, scouting locations, developing creative themes, styling, proving hair and makeup, obtaining studio space and knowing how to use it, processing and retouching images.... those are expenses few brands can afford. The common answer has been to bring things in-house. Using iPhones or consumer DSLRs, brands try to make their own images to keep up with the demand.

The problem is that the images most often end up looking like what they are: poorly lit amateur photos of friends or customers, which tell no story and get lost in the stream of similar looking images. Instead of keeping up with the consumer demand to see relevant images, that approach ends up cheapening the brand.

There’s simply no substitute for the creativity brought by a dedicated team, but the expense is prohibitive. 

Until now!

We love fashion, and we live for photography. There’s no reason not to bring those passions together with designers and brands and make amazing images together! We have worked with a wide range of brands: from top creative designers in Paris, to local boutiques, to designers just getting started. Whether it’s in the studio, on the street, or on location in another country, we provide the same care and attention to detail for all our clients. 

Our answer is to flip tradition on its head.

The standard approach is for a brand to commission work. That requires the brand to pay upfront, and requires the photographer to limit the creative vision to the terms of the commission. Although that approach can sometimes bring great results, it’s constraining on both ends. 

We want to make great images, and we don’t think a brand should settle for anything less. Your clients don’t pay for clothes or accessories they don’t want, and you shouldn’t have to pay for images you don’t want. Like your customers, you should pay only for the images you want to use.

Images are available to license in three ways: 

1) Singly, for use in social media, on your website, or for line sheets. 

2) As a campaign, for editorial use. 

3) As a collection which we will design into a lookbook. 

There are no costs to you! You license only the images you want, and have no obligation to license any of them! Depending on which licensing you choose, the images can be used for:

  • Social
  • Web
  • Advertising
  • Products
  • and even Lookbooks

We are transparent about the process, and our pricing is just as clear.

• Social Media license •

$25 per image, with a term of two years. Images provided at a Retina-screen friendly 144dpi/1080px on the longside. 

• Web license •
$35 per image, with a term of two years. Images provided at 144dpi/1500px on the longside.

• E-commerce license •
$50 per image, with a term of two years. Use for social, web, and email marketing campaigns! Images provided at a Retina-screen friendly 144dpi/1500px on the longside.

• Print license •
$100 per image. Suitable for lookbook design, posters, magazines, or other printer materials. Images provided as color-corrected, press-ready high resolution TIFF files. 

• Campaign•
$500 to $1000 for a set of images. (Depending upon the number of pieces in your collection, the number of images will be between 5 and 20.)

• Lookbook •

We accept commissions for us to photograph exclusive products and create a lookbook for you! Pricing depends on the number of pieces, locations, the size of your lookbook, and the number of copies. Email us to start a discussion!